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Touch Screen Laptops


Touch screens have been very popular in the recent years and widely used in airports, fast food restaurants and ATMs. Laptops touchscreens allow to do without a keyboard and a mouse, and make it perfectly simple and convenient for you to navigate and enter data, using only a touch-sensitive screen.

Touch screen technology was developed in 1970s and now there are several manufacturers of touchscreen laptops. A touch screen saves a lot of space and maintenance, and this adds to its popularity in information kiosks.

A touch screen display has three major components that allow it to function – the touch sensor, the controller, and the software driver.

There are several touch sensitive technologies used in manufacturing touch screen displays. The display can be based on capacitive, resistive or surface wave sensory technology. The capacitive touch screen display uses the capacitive tendency of the human body to cause interference in its own capacitive layer and sense touch.

In a resistive touch screen display a thin metallic resistive layer acts as the main sensory layer; the layer poses the resistance and transmits it as an electrical pulse.

The surface wave touch screen uses ultrasonic waves, which pass over the touch panel. Some waves are absorbed when a person touches the screen. This wave alteration registers the touch event and location. This technology usually results in the clearest picture.

Actually, the touch screen technology perfectly simplifies communication. Due to an easy operation and attractive interface, touch screen displays are widely used for training, games and at information desks.

The Pros and Cons of Touch Screens

The benefits of touch screen technology are obvious: instead of dealing with extra input devices, like a mouse and a keyboard, a person only needs his finger to operate the chosen device.

On the other hand, touch screens have some minuses as well. Thus, they are unsatisfactory for most applications since it is impossible to point accurately to small areas of the screen with a finger. Besides, many users find touch screens tiring to the arms after long use.

Anyway, the choice is up to you. We aim to offer the best quality services and assortment. We hope that you’ll enjoy browsing our catalogue and we are always ready to help you in picking up a product that suits your demands most of all.

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